School Readiness Program

Is Your Child Ready For School?

How do you know if a child is ready for learning in a school environment?

The time that you spend with a child every day can give you lots of information about how he or she is progressing.

Here are some guidelines to help you identify the necessary skills your child needs before transiting to a school environment:

Physical Readiness

  • Can your child cope with a full day at school?

  • Is your child independent with toilet and mealtime routines?

Social Readiness

  • Does your child have peer awareness and model after group behavior of their peers?

  • Does your child show interest in other children and interacts appropriately within a group?

  • Can your child use simple language to ask and answer questions or comment?

Language Skills

  • Is your child able to communicate effectively using functional verbal language?

  • Can your child express their basic needs and wants e.g. going to the toilet, take a break?

  • Is your child able to procrastinate or negotiate appropriately?

Coping with Change

  • Can your child adapt to new and unexpected events through self- regulation?

  • Can your child cope with transitions well?

  • How does your child respond to changes and interact with new people?

Emotional Readiness

  • Can your child express their basic needs and wants?

  • Is your child able to deal with frustration in an appropriate manner?

  • How does your child regulate when feeling frustrated, anxious or overwhelmed?

Academic Readiness

  • Is your child able to recognize and write their own name?

  • Is your child able to read and write basic 3 to 4 letter words?

  • Is your child able to understand basic math concept e.g. counting in sequence, number cognition?


  • Can your child sustain attention for an extended period of time during group learning?

  • Can your child understand and follow multiple steps instructions?

  • Can your child organize chunks of information?



  • Can your child finish a meal on their own within a structured time?

  • Can your child organize and take care of their own belongings?

  • Can your child listen and follow group instructions independently?