About Us

IntelliStep offers programmes for children with special needs aged 1 to 11 years. These programmes are catered to support the learning of children with different learning disorders through developmentally appropriate research-based programmes. 


The scope of intervention services we offer for children with different learning needs and disorders are as follows:


Learn Through STEPS (*Skills That EmPower Students) is a home intervention programme that aims to develop skills and abilities of students where it is most functional and relevant to their current learning need and environment. 


Learn Through Discovery offers a variety of enrichment programmes such as Handwriting Without Tears , Reading and Comprehension, Adaptive Daily Living Skills and Social Skills. These programmes aim to offer added opportunities of socialisation and enrich specific skills and abilities.


Learn Through Play uses the Learn To Play Therapy programme developed by Dr Karen Stagnitti to build on cognitive, language and social competencies etc using a structured play programme.   


IntelliStep has a team of highly experienced and qualified educators who have worked tirelessly with children of different learning needs in both local and international, special and mainstream school settings. We believe that addressing the learning needs of the child is just as important as supporting parents to create the right balance of a positive environment for the child.