Learn Through STEPS

(*Skills That EmPower Students)

Home Intervention

Learn Through STEPS is designed specifically to serve children with special needs on skills e.g. fine/gross motor, cognitive, communication, social, literacy and adaptive skills for learning and living in a 1 to 1 setting.

Our team of trained interventionists and case managers are equipped with knowledge and experience to assist family members in optimizing their child’s development. An individualized programme that fits the child’s learning style will be mapped out and constantly assessed by the team to ensure that goals set are relevant and optimal. Our approaches include Structured Teaching, Social Thinking, Floortime, Learn To Play Programme etc. 


Scope of learning areas:

  • Fine & gross motor skills

  • Intentional language & communication skills

  • Functional social skills

  • Social-emotional awareness

  • Literacy & Numeracy

  • School Readiness Skills

  • Adaptive skills