Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is developed based on the approach of integrating research-based methods with the Brigance special education assessment tools. 


A broad range of skills is covered to help identify each student's specific strengths and needs. 

Key skill areas include:

  • Skills development

  • Language Development

  • Literacy & Numeracy

  • Adaptive Daily Living Skills

  • Classroom Readiness Skills

  • Social-Emotional Development


Our teaching approaches are based on TEACCH, Floortime and the Learn To Play Therapy programme. Individualised intervention plans are crafted to suit the unique learning profiles of each student. While building on the spontaneous play ability of children, we believe that a well-rounded learner should also understand and know how to react to structures in various social settings.  This encourages the development of children with improved regulation and functional social interaction ability.

Some benefits of play are:

  • Developing muscle strength and coordination

  • Manipulation skills

  • Looking and listening skills

  • Thinking skills

  • Positive feelings towards themselves

  • Learning about the world around them


IntelliStep programmes focus on the individual learning profile of each child and aims to provide high quality and effective intervention that develops engaged and motivated learners.


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