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"A positive parent-teacher relationship contributes to your child’s learning success."

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Our Testimonials

Dear parents ~ 


Words of appreciation weigh more than gold,

Words of encouragement fuel us to work harder

You are our pillar of support and best partner in this journey


Through my years of working alongside Azalea as a therapist for children with special needs, her love for her work and the children never ceased growing. Observing her work with children inspired me to join the field of special education.


Azalea is a gentle-spirited lady with a big heart, trustworthy and respectable to the children and families she works with. She never fails to place the children's interests first and works hard to help the children and their families to the best of her abilities.


Azalea firmly believes in reaching out to as many children and families through voluntary initiatives to raise awareness and support this community. On top of her many years of experience, what sets her apart is her passion, love and commitment to the children. I'm confident to say she is truly one of the most caring and kind therapist I've met.



Thanks so much to the team at IntelliStep. You guys have been fantastic and guided Andy a lot to be able to reach this stage. We are blessed to have you all.


Take care and we wish you all the best!

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Dear Team IntelliStep,

My husband and I want to share that  Isah's teacher is very passionate, kind and patient. He likes her and almost immediately gets along well with her at the start.


We can tell that IntelliStep takes Isah's progression seriously. 


Glad we chose IntelliStep!



Thank you for a fantastic job with Luke.  This little boy is adjusting with school demands well.


He has improved a lot under your guidance. Thank you, IntelliStep!



Jay has progressed so much over the past year and a half since he started. We feel that he is ready to be independent.

I am really thankful to IntelliStep for coming in to help us when we were very lost when Jay started Primary One. His school teachers have given us feedback that he is adapting well and no longer has worrying issues with his social environment.

I cannot thank you enough for the support and care you have given us through your program and helped Jay to be ready to move on independently. 


Changing Lives

Dear Ms Roselyn,

Thank you for helping me find myself and teaching me how to control myself using the different zones tools. I have always looked forward to your lessons as it helped me find ways to solve my problems in school. It helps me to destress and reminds me that someone is helping me find a solution to my problems with my emotions and feelings.

You not only helped me know what worked best for me but also my brother! Now I know how to classify what zone I am in and judge from the body language of others. 

All you have done for me is appreciated and I will definitely look back fondly on your classes. 

You have changed my life. Thank you for being awesome. You will remain in my heart forever Ms Roselyn!

Ian Lim


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