Milestones Shadow Support Program

Merging Milestones with Intellistep

We support children with learning difficulties maximize their potential through our education support services in the local and international mainstream environment.

Students with learning difficulties often experience challenges in the mainstream school setting and require the guidance of another professional other than the classroom teacher. Our shadow teachers, together with the combined team of professionals entrusted with the student's welfare, aim to provide additional guidance and support in order for the student to successfully integrate into the mainstream environment. The role of our shadow teachers is to guide the student attending Singapore's mainstream schools to become as independent as possible. We work closely with schools and families to enable them to help and develop their children's potential.

Our Objectives

Understand and follow school and classroom routines

Organize their day according

to a schedule

Meet academic expectations

Adjust to the various demands of a school environment


Social Cognition

Our Shadow Teacher's Roles

To help the student cope and respond with expected classroom behavior

To provide support in achieving classroom objectives and activities

To implement learning strategies when supporting the student in achieving goals in the Personalized Educational Support Plan (PESP)

To work collaboratively with the school team, parents and the support team 

The Process

Meeting with parents

We want to know your concerns, your child's profile and how they are coping in school.

Assignment & PESP

We find the right shadow support for your child and develop the PESP to be implemented.

Termly Support

We provide the support needed, data recording and collaborative efforts with the school.

Observation & Assessment

We conduct a termly observation and assess the learning progress.