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Nadirah Saleem

Case Supervisor

Senior Interventionist

"I believe that every child is different and as educators, we are always learning new ways to support children in the various aspects of development. 

Using visuals when teaching is an important strategy. It can be customised according to the needs of the child from pictures to words for them to be able to look at and reflect with me."


Bobby Nirish

Relationship Manager


Learning Support Specialist

"I believe every child is a unique piece in a masterpiece puzzle. With what I do, I help each piece fit into its special and valuable place.

One strategy I use is taking the time to understand my child’s strengths and interests, as they are the best means of connecting us both, and the basis of the most effective tools for him/her."


Uma Srikanth


Learning Support Specialist

"Life is a beautiful journey ,welcome and cherish every moment with a smile and a positive attitude . I believe attitude and confidence  are key to get along with kids. It matters when working with children with special needs.

One of the strategy I generally use is to sit in their shoes and see the world through their eyes which helps me to understand them better."


Anuja Venkatesh


Learning Support Specialist

"I believe that when we put the child first and respect their needs, it is the beginning of building a great relationship. 

The one strategy I use is to understand the child's interest so that I customise activities to motivate and encourage their learning. It is always important to make learning fun."


Indu Nair

Learning Support Specialist

"I believe that every child is unique and have their own distinctive  set of strengths. An open mind makes all the difference! 

One of the strategies I use is to try different mediums of learning with children, and exposing them to ample possibilities so they can identify their preferred styles . Understanding that every child learns and communicates differently provides radically better learning outcomes and results."


Nur Syafiqah


Learning Support Specialist

"I believe that love and respect must be shown and given to every child with Special Needs.

The one strategy I use is to listen to them verbally or through their body expressions. I acknowledge what they have to say (and sometime paraphrasing it and asking if that is what they mean by it) and respect it."


Pearly Cheng

Learning Support Specialist

I believe in being a team player when working with my students. My team includes, parents, the school, fellow teachers and professionals who work together to guide my students towards the path of independence.

Providing open and regular communication feedback to my "team" allows us to make good and sound decisions so that we can effectively help our students overcome their challenge. 


Imrana Mansoor

Learning Support Specialist

"I believe every child has the potential to demonstrate their abilities when given the right support. It is our responsibility as educators to understand and provide the support they need in order to be their best.

Consistency is key when working with my students. I ensure that task expectations are clearly demonstrated so that they understand what needs to be done and feel successful."


Gayatri Jesuratnam

Learning Support Specialist

"Patience, Perseverance and Creativity are three daily reminders I carry with myself when teaching.

It is important to think out of the box and be creative in our strategies whenever we teach as learning situations are always dynamic. When we exude positive vibes, our students feel motivated and encouraged to carry on working with us."

IMG_20200902_160511 (1).jpg

Vandana Agarwal

Learning Support Specialist

I believe in being Authentic and Purposeful Learning.
Helping tame that inner dragon and awaken the true spirit of children is my motto.

To truly understand the needs of my child, I will weave simple social stories creatively around his life situations to give him better understanding and help  empower them.

Education Specialists Training Programme

  • Structured Teaching

  • Curriculum Planning

  • Work Ethics/ Standard Practice Assessment

  • Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • Communication in Autism - Differences and Support Strategies 

  • Understanding ADHD

  • Floortime

  • Child Development Theories 

  • Developmental Milestones

  • Functional Behavior Analysis 

  • Pretend Play - A Programme by Dr. Karen Stagnitti

  • Zones of Regulation - A Programme by Leah Kuyper

  • Orton Gillingham Approach for Reading

  • Writing Social Stories

  • Self-Regulation Tools 

  • Reading / Story Comprehension 

  • Intervention 101 

  • Sensory Smart Parenting

  • Toilet Training Workshop - By Dr. Tanisha Vanen

  • Case Study Discussion

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*Our education specialists continually undergo training programmes that are essential for working with a child with different learning needs. 

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