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From Shadow Support to Treasured Friend

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Dear IntelliStep,

Milestones Shadow Support (IntelliStep's shadow support programme) was recommended to us by our son's OT at Kaleidoscope, when it became clear that he'd got the hang of life outside the classroom but still needed a helping hand completing set tasks and managing himself in a school environment.

Teacher Uma was assigned to us and from day one our little boy loved having her by his side. Her presence was reassuring as well as helpful and over time Uma became a treasured friend to him and a valuable sounding board for us, offering advice on how to best help him both in and outside school. His teachers found it very helpful to have someone in the class who could dedicate themselves entirely to him, ensuring they could get on with their day to day, and the other children were also very receptive of Uma who became a familiar face and willing playmate.

We would gladly recommend the shadow support programme to anyone who feels their child could do with additional support or whose needs might have moved beyond traditional OT. When it came time for us to part ways with Uma and head back to the UK we happily recommended her to our friends whose daughter was in a similar position and we couldn't be happier to hear that they are having the same positive experience that we did. We wish the team all the best!

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