Frequently asked questions

Do parents or caregiver need to be present for intervention during scheduled sessions?

We believe that interactions and experiences within different learning environments, uniquely and together, form the foundation for developmental trajectories throughout a child's learning journey. Families represent the first essential system and source of support for children’s learning and development. 


Parent involvement in the children’s learning is associated with increased achievement performance and improved self-regulation. We welcome parents/ caregivers to be familiarised with the strategies used and enable the continuity of intervention even out of the sessions. We will also maintain regular communication feedback on the child's learning progress when sessions are completed.

Is there a range of special needs you accept?

We have the conviction that all students can learn. Our programme aims to maximize the potential of each and every child academically, socially and physically. We do our best to provide an effective and individualised education plan for children of different learning disorders and disabilities. 



What is the process of admissions?

We will love to begin by having a chat with you to understand your child's learning needs and how to support the family best. Our case managers will observe your child in their natural settings to have a clearer understanding of your child's needs. An orientation on our programme and an initial proposed learning plan will help you understand how we can help your child better.

We will select a suitable interventionist based on your child's learning profile and according to your preferred intervention schedule. 





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