Learn Through Play

Play Programme

Research has shown that children with developmental delay and disabilities often lack the ability to understand and produce pretend play actions.

Pretend play has been linked to the development of a child’s cognitive, language, literacy and narrative competencies and has been positively associated with the development of social competence and social skills (Westby, 2000).


Learn Through Play recognises that play intervention significantly improves a child’s play, behaviour, language, social and developmental skills (Connor & Stagnitti, 2011). 

Our play programme aims to develop a child's initiation to spontaneous play by encouraging the development of environmental awareness and intentional communication. They will acquire pre-requisite skills such as joint attention and imitation skills which are crucial to the foundation of learning. With these skills, the programme fosters a child's progressive play behaviour spontaneously, independently and interactively by increasing their repertoire of play skills.